Corporate Finance

Sale and purchase of business

For many businesses and business owners there is an inflection point where consideration is given to selling the business.  This can arise when the business owner is planning for retirement or succession, where the sector in which the business operates is being consolidated or where a sale or purchase of a business or business unit is required to take the business to the next level.  

A potential sale of a business can be challenging for an entrepreneur and is often described as a rollercoaster ride of emotion particularly when expectations of the potential buyer evolve throughout the sale process.  
We can support you and your business with the following range of services:

•    Sale of business/information memorandum
•    Management Buy Out/Buy In
•    Due diligence 
•    Structuring/re-structuring
•    Fundraising of debt or equity
•    Business valuation
•    Financial modelling 
•    Tax planning 


The valuation of a business is subjective and the approach taken to arrive at a realistic market valuation must be robust and grounded in commercial logic and reality.  In many cases a valuation will be subject to critical analysis and evaluation by different stakeholders. 

We have completed a significant number of valuations of businesses in many different sectors and have amassed a detailed understanding of the methodologies involved in completing a comprehensive valuation report for each engagement.  We have been engaged to complete business valuations in the following situations:

•    Sale of business
•    Exit of one or more shareholder
•    Share Inventive schemes
•    Divorce/family law proceedings